Anthem of the DPRK 

Anthem of the DPRK is literally called as "aegukka" (patriotic song). It was composed in 1947, even before the DPRK was established. Officially, the anthem was created by an order from Kim Il Sung and we do not know the author. As far as the lyrics for he anthem were written on the very early stage, Kim Il Sung's name has not been glorified.   

Achimeun pinnara yi gangsan
Eunguem-e chawon-do kadeukhan
    samcholli areumdaun nae choguk,

Ban-mannyon oraen yoksa-e challanhan
   munhwa-ro charanan
Seulgiron inmim-ui yi yonggwang 
Mom-gwa mam ta pachyo yi Choson
Kiri patteu-se. 
Morning, shine on my beautiful fatherland with three thousand miles of mountains and rivers filled with silver and gold.

The glory of wise people
Brought in a brilliant culture during 5000 years of its long history.
Let's devote our bodies and souls to Korea 
and follow this way.