Korean Language 

Korean is one of the most difficult languages to learn. It is not because of writing system, as one could suppose. But it is internationally recognized that the Korean alphabet is the simplest writing systems in the world. The alphabet consists of just 28 simple elements. The elements are used to form syllables that very much resemble Chinese hieroglyphs though they have nothing to do with them. Anyone can learn to write in Korean within a couple of hours. But the rest of the process of learning Korean is not that easy. Especially the grammar, lexicon and phonetics.

For the Korean language, which has a distant relation to Finnish, Hungarian and a group of Altaic and Turk languages, it is typical to use predicative always at the very end of a sentence. That's why synchronous translation is very difficult task. Every phrase should be listened to the end before it can be properly translated. 

There are several dialects in Korea besides two normative languages in North and South Korea. Koreans from different parts of their country understand each other in general but they use different accents, and some misunderstanding can occur because of different usage of words and expressions.