Press and periodicals in DPRK 

North Korea has a limited number of broadcasting services, newspapers and magazines. Each printed media represents a certain area, political, social or scientific topics.  

History of the media in DPRK goes back to November 1, 1945, when Kim Il Sung directed to establish a newspaper titled "Jeongno" (正路, The Right Road), which was the predecessor of Nodong Sinmun. 

 The Korean Central News Agency (KCNA, 조선준앙통신사) is the only one existing news service in the DPRK. The agency provides news to all North Korean newspapers, radio and TV stations. It also publishes daily printed limited digest edition of South Korean and foreign news for the party officials and foreign representatives in the DPRK. 

Nodong (Rodong) Sinmun daily newspaper (로동신문)  

Minju Choson (The Democratic Korea) 

Tongil Sinbo (Unification Newspaper)  

Pyongyang Sinmun 

Choson Inmingun 

Rodong Chonwi

Sonyon Sinmun